About this New Design

It has been five years since Netnhost has been roaming around on various browsers. Don’t worry we are not going to turn you off with our history, services, technology, team etc. Just chill and relax.

Let’s tell you about this new design. It has been 3 to 4 months when we decided that we need to get into new Design. We worked on few mock ups but were not satisfied, and then later we turned our heads towards themes, went through various service providers but to be honest all themes were looking same…hmmm…again started few mock ups. We should thank our designer Vicky for being patient

During designing phase, Selva almost hit his head to arrive at best wire frames, icons and colors. We don’t say that it is the best design on earth but we are happy with what we arrived…everyone worked hard..everyone deserves an applaues. ..so NetnHost is all about Team Work. We dream grow big and we will since we believe ourselves.

We believe that there is always a word “better” for any substance. “Google” might be done better and we want to build that “better”..so we say “Solutions for a better business”.

Interested in knowing more about us?