About us

Thanks for your interest in knowing more about us.

It all began one fine day when we thought of starting a business. Since we are ITians, what else would we think other than starting a IT business. We cannot start a multi chain food restaurant since food industry is something new to us. We decided to start IT business and we believed in our selves.

We want to be different and transparent, No hide outs and false promises. We want to set realistic goals for ourselves and we did and achieved them.

NetnHost is known for its commitment and quality in all the projects we do no matter with quantity of the project. We work on complete projects, minor tasks, bug fixing tasks, enhancements etc. We do our best to make our client’s business a better business.

We have been working on various technologies like Joomla, word press, Drupal, Magento and .net serving our global clients in their business. Our clients are business owners, consultants and SMEs.
With its sales office in UK and USA, our working methodology suits any customer who need a better online presence. Internet business is vast and we keep our self updated with emerging new technologies to meet our customer requirements.