Expanding Google’s security services for Android

Think about the ways your home is kept secure. You rely on structural security features—secure locks, a rock-hard foundation, strong windows and doors. You might also have an alarm or video camera to give you an extra layer of security, with a support team behind those tools making them more powerful, all but invisible until the moment you need them.

We have a similar approach to how we deliver security improvements in Android. As part of Android’s foundation, we built safeguards like application sandboxing, which confines apps, minimizing their ability to damage other parts of your phone. But just like your home, Google offers a built-in “service layer” (kind of like the phone equivalent of that alarm service for your home) to most every Android phone and tablet that’s constantly being strengthened, and it’s included for free. We’re adding to that service layer, further fortifying your Android phone or tablet.

Verify apps: now protecting you continually
Building on Verify apps, which already protects people when they’re installing apps outside of Google Play at the time of installation, we’re rolling out a new enhancement which will now continually check devices to make sure that all apps are behaving in a safe manner, even after installation. In the last year, the foundation of this service—Verify apps—has been used more than 4 billion times to check apps at the time of install. This enhancement will take that protection even further, using Android’s powerful app scanning system developed by the Android security and Safe Browsing teams.

Because potentially harmful applications are very rare, most people will never see a warning or any other indication that they have this additional layer of protection. But we do expect a small number of people to see warnings (which look similar to the existing Verify apps warnings) as a result of this new capability. The good news is that very few people have ever encountered this; in fact, we’ve found that fewer than 0.18% of installs in the last year occurred after someone received a warning that the app was potentially harmful.

Even though the risk is miniscule, we’re committed to making sure that the best available security protections are available to all Android users. This includes service-based protections such as Verify apps, as well as security features within the platform itself.

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Amember + Noire Payment Plugin

Yes, we have developed a payment plugin which will integrate Noire Payment Gateway into Amember Website. You can use it just like other Payment plugins. The plugin features include:
amember and noire

  • Activation/Deactivation from Admin
  • Credit Card Sales
  • Refunds
  • Recurring transactions
  • Test transactions

Do write to us at sales@ netnhost.com if you need more details.

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Custom Email Blaster

Good news. Netnhost is working on custom email blaster app.

Yes, we are making the product ready soon. You can see quite unique features in it unlike other popular email marketing softwares out there.

It includes:

Social media integration
Website integration

and many more. Too excited to publish our first product to internet. Do visit www.myemailblaster.com and subscribe yourself.

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Netnhost Social Media App

Yes, our social media app is out in Beta phase. So thought of sharing few interesting notes about it.

social media app

The app is not yet available for customers to register. It is used internally. The interface interacts with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through respective APIs. You can publish the post from app to all your social media accounts. You can also look at the reports which include Likes, Reach, Traffic, Comments etc.
We are in the process of making it as SaaS application. Doesn’t it sound interesting. Do reach us at info@netnhost.com for more information.

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Netnhost New Year Offers for 2014

Netnhost welcomes 2014 with a big bang. We are happy with what we are from what we have been. It was not a single shot success which we gained, Yes I spelled “success”. We are at success now and traveling towards the next mile stone.

Meanwhile we thought we can roll out some offers in this special time for our customers. So here they go:

1. WordPress Website Development : For these projects, we would like to offer secured and SEO minimization for free.

2. New VPS hosting with website development : For these projects, we can do a security audit for free.

3. New VPS set up: We can do CMS installation for free.

All details cannot be revealed here. You want to know more? Write to us at info@netnhost.com.

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Clients Speak

NetnHost is a Perfect Offshore Team. They are reliable, true and honest. I am glad to work with them and looking for more in future.

Martin Raymond@ Dosplus

What's up with us

A quite new interesting project to work with you. One of the popular online contents for Kids website www.champchild.com hired us recently for ongoing tasks.


Huh...Twitter new changes for API ):- we got them late

Membership plugins seems to be getting popular for WordPress

Finally, we are done with three WP plugins. Planning to upload it in WP