WordPress security issues

Even though WordPress is great in being friendly admin user interface and easy to update there are few security issues which needs to be looked at. Implement these basic measures to harden your WordPress installation:

1. Avoid default admin user.
2. Don’t use WP_ prefix.
3. Image Captcha for comments along with moderation.
4. Use BPS security plugin.
5. Regular backups

And finally keep your WordPress updated always. If you need more, write to us at info@netnhost.com and we will take care for you.

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What is Avada theme

Avada is Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme from ThemeForest, a popular place for themes. Avada is much popular because of its flexibility in layouts, widgets, plugins etc.

It is very user friendly and admin can do the changes in a single click.

Avada 3.2 is live with following features:

  • Shortcode generator
  • Search Icon in menu
  • Author profile page
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Blank page templates

and many more.

It is #1 selling WordPress theme. Do reach us if you want us to install and configure it for you.

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LED bulbs + light-waves (LiFi)

A group of Chinese scientists have successfully produced internet signals sent exclusively through light bulbs (LiFi), instead of WiFi. in the tests, four computers hooked up to one-watt LED light bulbs with embedded microchips connect to the web using light-waves as a carrier instead of traditional radio frequencies, as in WiFi. the smart LED’s can produce data rates as fast as 150 megabits per second, faster than the average broadband connection in china. the system is also as cost-effective as well as efficient, ‘wherever there is an LED light-bulb, there is an internet signal,’ said chi, a scientist from the shanghai institute of technical physics of the Chinese academy of sciences. ‘turn off the light and there is no signal, if the light is blocked, then the signal will be cut off.’ if the technology evolves, we will one day start seeing LED bulbs retrofitted and turned into hot-spots and access points for broadband networks in both home and office contexts. to demonstrate the technology, 10 sample LiFi kits will be put on display at the china international industry fair in shanghai starting November 5, 2013

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Intranet Application

Today we finished development of intranet based application for one of the leading manufacturing company. It services as document management system which custom admin. We cannot share the link as it is hosted internally.

Our team has done a great job in terms of design, delivery and commitment. They will be visiting client place this week for the deployment. Kudos guys.

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Back with Mirchi

Started to work for UK based film distributor again. Now working on, Prabhas-Mirchi. You can use Google if it sounds Greek and Latin for you :-)

BTW Mirchi songs are rocking and wallpapers are really awesome. Prabhas looking so handsome :-), no comments on Anushka and Richa :P.

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Clients Speak

'Gopi, Selva and the team understood and delivered a quality build for our new World Cup website. Their communication and professionalism couldn't of been better and it's a business relationship that we would be more than happy to continue for future projects.'

Callum@ Theworldypay

What's up with us

A quite new interesting project to work with you. One of the popular online contents for Kids website www.champchild.com hired us recently for ongoing tasks.


Huh...Twitter new changes for API ):- we got them late

Membership plugins seems to be getting popular for WordPress

Finally, we are done with three WP plugins. Planning to upload it in WP